MyFirstBonitaApp: onboarding assistant

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I joined BonitaSoft last week. My background is physics and software engineer, and I contributed in various roles, IT, Marketing, Supply Chain and Support management during my 29 years of professional experience.

I’ve played developing a little Bonita App during 3 full days to discover from the inside, the journey of a customer who wants to get started with Bonita.

Expected benefits of the App: make the onboarding process easier to prepare and ensure nothing is missed out for both the hiring Manager and HR

I first tried to create my App, after having just gone through the “Getting Started Tutorial”. “Getting Started Tutorial” really helped to jumpstart the project, but it was not sufficient for myself. Watching the Bonita Camp videos to understand the Business Data Model and User Interface Design was really helpful.

I also found the embedded online help of Bonita Studio very efficient, straight to the point.

What my App does is starting with HR offer letter processing:

upon success, it orchestrates the preparation and follow-up of the onboarding for IT and Manager:

I’ve stayed at the human steps orchestration level for this version 1.0. But with the power of Bonita and its connectors, and as I’ll gain knowledge on the ins and outs of Bonita, I plan to improve the User Interface with more meaningful picklists and interface with IT systems like creating the Jira tickets directly or automating some IT tasks. Adding actors targeting for the tasks is also on the todo list;

Here is the start page of the process for HR:

and after, you reach the Bonita portal for the other steps of the process:

All in all, I discovered how powerful Bonita is to jumpstart a job of assisting people in their operational processes.

You can and should start small, modeling the process in the BPMN compliant Studio, and from there, using an Agile approach, iterate to deliver more value overtime.

Enjoy !