[resolved] Bonita platform 7.1 - bundle Tomcat - No technical user afer switching to MySql database


Hello everybody.

I've installed Bonita platform, and followed the doc about the database configuration to switch to mysql.
I think it works, because my "bonita" table fills when I start tomcat.

But on the logon webpage, I can't log with the install/install user, neither the platformAdmin/platform user...

I tried to modify the bonita-platform-community-custom.properties file, without success...

Is anybody can help me ?

Edit :
Okay. After (carrefully) reading the logs, I found my answer :
During the database creation, the max_packet_size exceed the conf value.
Although the file my.ini is correct (1024M in it...), the issue remained.
I installed PhpMyAdmin, and in "variables" tab, the "max allowed packet" stayed at a lower value.
Then, I modify this variable from PhpMyAdmin, launch again the creation of database, and OOOH, it works !!!

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