Configure Bonita Server (WildFly bundle) to start as Windows Service


Need help configure a Bonita Server 7.7.3 (WildFly 10.1.0.Final bundle) to start as Windows Service at Windows Server 2012!
Currently I can start it only for my user session (which is inconvenient for many reasons), but can't start it as a Windows Service :(
Can't find appropriate documentation (I was able to find it only for Tomcat bundle).


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For a Tomcat bundle is here:
How to install Bonita as a service on Windows :

WildFly: Some configuration described here: Bonita WildFly bundle

but there is nothing about setup as a service for windows :(


Submitted by donghee.baik on Mon, 10/07/2019 - 21:13

Our configuration bundle is with WildFly10
Currently there is no way to start Bonita Server other than with "start-bonita.bat" file.
I need to make it 'autostart' as windows service which is not possible in case of bat files as far as I know. I guess there must be a way to start WildFly as a service using Bonita's configuration...
So till not solved issue..

Submitted by antoine.mottier on Tue, 10/08/2019 - 15:13

As you can see from the documentation WildFly bundle is deprecated since Bonita 7.9 and will be removed in future version. So my recommendation would be if possible to switch to Tomcat and follow instruction in the documentation to install Tomcat as a service on Windows .