How to Change Default Technical User Password (Install)


hello, i've installed Bonita with Wildfly Community edition 7.6 on Ubuntu 16.4 and MySql but reading instructions, i`ve modified the both files to do that, but it doesn't works the files that i've changed are:
1.-: /setup/platform_conf/initial/platform_engine/


both files left with the same userName, i just changed the password but this doesn't works

can anybody give a little of help on this?

kindly regards.


Submitted by Dibyajit.Roy on Tue, 05/08/2018 - 21:18

I remember doing this a long time back.We were using 7.1.2 then.
The folder structures have changed a lot now.
But I remember changing the value in 3 separate files.
I kept opening all the files and checking if there was a entry called install and password install.
After going through all the files and folders, I found reference in 3 different sections.
But that was in the 7.1.2 version.
Now in the upgraded versions, its changed completely.
My approach was to do this in my local computer before doing it in Prod or any other environment.
Just browse each folder, open each file in NotePad++ and keep checking if there is a install word there or not.

If you find the correct places, just post it here for others as well.

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