Is it possible to start a process instance from a web application


I have the following situtation:

1 - A web portal of an organization has a feature that records customer orders;
2 - Whenever a request is received It's necessary to start an organizational process to treat the order generated;

What It's already done:
1 - The web portal already exists;
2 - We designed a process to treat the order;

Now I want do link both in a way that every order generates it's own process instance.

The process begins with a message event to receive the order, but what I'm still trying to figure is how I link the order generated in the web portal to the message event (synchronously), or if It is not possible, I need do know another way to achieve the same result.

Does anyone has a exemple?!

Ps.[1]: I'm talking about this particular case, but I already have other needs pretty equal.
Ps.[2]: I though about using a webservice, but I don't know to configure it at the process definition/ cofiguration to make it work.

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Thanks Seán.

I'm gonna try it.


This is exactly what REST is for,

Have a button on your web page execute

Start process,

Should be all that's required.

Change your process though to accept the order parameters via the rest call though as no message will be generated.

The getting started tutorial shows how to start a case,


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