Is it possible to update a record in BDM by UI Designer?


I am displaying in a table in the UI Designer the information from my BDM, and I would like when changing the BDM information by UI Designer that same information would be changed in BDM too, is it possible? If so, how can I do this?

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The image shows how my UI Designer is currently

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All the insert/update operations on the BDM have to be generated from a process in order to ensure data audit, accountability, governance and so on.

So no it's not possible to update data in BDM directly from the UI.



I think it is possible, however it would also be messy and break all the good governance rules as laid out by Lionel and therefore still not advisable.

You could write your own custom input widget (easy to do) with an ng-blur="ctrl.updateBDMFunction()" attached to it (for example).

When the field looses focus the ng-blur will fire off the angular/javascript in the Controller which can call a Custom REST API, this would then be able to update the BDM accordingly.

And because you're using the correct BDM calls would ultimately ensure data audit, accountability, governance would be correct and Lionel's assertions about them being broken would be wrong. :) Sorry Lionel.

I do stand to be corrected if this wouldn't work. It's an idea of how to do it though.

**NOTE **- I have not tried this so please don't ask for code, but I think it is possible if you know what you are doing...


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