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Get Variable of Archived cases in Bonita Portal

I want to make a form in which i can show variables of every process. I want to show variables of an archived process instance using Bonita REST API using using BonitaBPMCommunity-7.3.1-Tomcat-7.0.67. I can get variables of running instances in Open cases tab(using this example form processVariableOverview at this link http://community.bonitasoft.com/project/process-variable-example) but I can't get archived instances' variables. Any help please ?

how get value of records from a query in form UI designer?

how to access the value of records from a query? suppose I have the attributes in BDM are name, access code, age. Then i make form in UI designer that contains of a input widget an access code, and submit button that connects to the form that contains the name and age appropriate data access code is entered. The question is, how do I write code in the input widget and submit button so that I can generate the appropriate data based on the access code?

i use bonita 7.3. Thanks

The Button widget set with GET action submits task


In UI designer version 7.3.2 and 7.3.1, the Button widget set with GET action and filling an isolated variable asset submits the task.
In version 7.2.1 it didn't submit the task.
Is this normal behavior ? How can I prevent the task from being submitted ?

Thanks for your help.


See my comment below.