date picker

Date displayed on app page is one day behind the date chosen in date picker on instantiation form

The date field shows up a day behind on my app page. I use the Today button and it's correct in the instantiation form, but displays as yesterday in the table widget on the app page. Same thing if I choose another date in the date picker. I scoured the forum and found that it seems related to the Time Zone, but I haven't found a solution other that change the time zone to UTC on my PC.

Is there a way to display or store the date in the local timezone instead of UTC?

7.2 - calendar not localized?

I have an instantiation form that use 2 calendar widgets but they appear to be only english localized

I am using the 7.2 community edition and testing using the studio.

Using the ACME Organization:
Connected user: walter bates
Preferences / language : french

The portal is localized in french (Bienvenue, Paramètres...) but not the date picker.

Is it a bug or dit I miss something?