Develop an app without the portal

Hello, I am facing a problem while creating a really simple app. Here is the idea :

I would like to simulate an operator in a factory, each of his tasks would be given by the app, and when he realizes one, he checks it in the given form, and then the app gives him the next tasks to realize etc.

My main goal is to have a basic interface, really easy to use. But I can't find how to pass from one form to the next one without passing by the Bonita Portal. Could anyone help me please?

Thank you for your answers,
Martin Bouillot.

How to create an interface or extraction of data using bdm


I just want to create an extraction or interface file of data from bdm. Is this possible and then create a file with a format type that depends on our user?

Please help. Thanks

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Webapp to read and download log file of the Bonitasoft plateform

This app will enable tech user to get the container logs without using a file system access

Configure * Remove dev context files : webapp/logs/META-INF/ and * Edit the authorized user/password in webapp/logs/META-INF/users.xml * Edit the context.xml * Edit the param-value of the logsDirectory context-param to point to your container log folder

Deploy * Copy the webapp/logs folder into your container folder

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Plusieurs processus sur la même page

Bonjour à tous,

Je débute sous bonita et j'aimerais savoir comment faire pour avoir plusieurs processus sur la même page.
Par exemple j'aimerais avoir dans la partie basse de l'écran un formulaire qui fait l'ajout d'une donnée dans la base (tâche humaine) et dans la partie haute un autre formulaire pour la suppression d'une donnée dans la base (tâche humaine également).