login process

How to get Some basic Detail of Current process ? when user use it Like ::::: LOGGED USER ID , CURRENT PROCESS ID , etc

in community version , pl provide how to get following values

  1. logged user id
  2. logged user name
  3. current process id
  4. current task id
  5. current task name
  6. current case id

pl suggest how to get following

Bypassing bonita login process to access bonita portal

Hi All,

I want to by-pass the login process of bonita portal or comment out the creation of identityKey in the login process. I want to do this in BOS 5.9.2, and I am not able to get the source code of this version of bonita bpm.

Can anybody tell me:

- from where I can get the source of BOS 5.9.2

- how can I modify the source code to bypass creation of identityKey & remove its dependancy in the bonita portal

- how to bypass the login scenario in bonita portal.

Please share your views & suggestions. Its urgent.