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Bonita ui designer forms are not working with Postgres

I have tired simple process variable example given at link using BonitaBPMCommunity-7.3.1-Tomcat-7.0.67. Its working well in bonita studio. I have made .bar file of process and upload it in process tab in bonita tomcat bundle portal. But neither its fetching process variable values nor passing to next Step Step1/Step2.

Unable to add a process variable with version 7.2.1

Hi, I just downloaded the version 7.2.1 and quickly I started to create a new diagram. When I tried to add variables to the process I realized the list of variables is not updated when I click the button 'Finish & Add'. Is it a bug or am I missing something?


link to process variable

To learn how to bind a variable to a form, in the process "Travel request" of the "Getting Started tutorial", I added a process variable that I called "miVariable". I created a task to give a value and I want to present that value in the response form "reviewTravelRequest". What am I doing wrong ?.

archivo .bos

Handling Process Variables


For the version of Bonita. How should I handle process variables now? The examples that I see online only focus on business variables.

Should I mainly only use business variables now for my applications? My v6.5 process uses mainly process variables not business variables and I've attached them to the form directly. How would I perform this in the new version? Or should I?

Thank you

Bonita 7 / Initialize contracts attributes


Contracts seem to be the expected way to define how data are exchanged between a process and forms. Operations let handle post-processing, after a form is submitted, and pass back incoming values into process state variables (business objects or just variables).

But I've not found any way to initialize contracts attributes from process variables before a form is call.

Any idea ?