service task

Using a Timer on a service Task

Is there any way we can use the boundary timer on a service Task ?

My Scenario is

User submits a request and then I need to wait for 3 days before I trigger the next task to the approver.

I have tried using a timer on a service task but it does not work.

What are the other methods that we can use here to implement the same.


Difference between "service" and "script" tasks?

Can someone explain the difference between the service and script task types?

And also: the difference between an "end" (the light coloured red circle) and "terminate end" (the dark red circle)?

Many thanks

Implementing custom service tasks

I've been evaluating Bonita BPM for use at work and everything seems great other than the fact that our processes rely heavily on automated long-running actions.

Is there a way to implement custom functionality with a Service Task? There seems to be no mention of them in the documentation past 5.x.

Getting a warning node not found in the forms definition file

Hi, the first time I tried bonita I created a diagram named XXX and now, every time I create a new diagram I get the following error:

WARNING [XMLApplicationFormDefAccessorImpl] The node for the form XXX--1.0--Step1$entry was not found in the forms definition file

Why is this happening? Also, why can't I start a flow with a service task? Why do I have to put a human task first?

Thank you