Human Task

Get html of form of a task via API

Hi everyone,

I have a human task to which I defined a form through the editor. Is there a way to obtain the html code of such form via the REST API?

Edit: I tried 3 different ways to get the html form throught the API:

How to update the Due Date for a Human task programatically

I am trying to implement a Process which has multiple Vendor Activity Tasks.
The Key element here is to implement a SLA metrics for each task.
I need to calculate whether each task was completed in Due time.

I am planning to use the Property available in the Bonita studio for setting the Due date for each task/activity.
This works great .
But my problem is that I need to consider Weekends as out side SLA. The tool should calculate for Days from Monday to Friday. Saturday and Sunday are excluded.

On Form Submit redirection to a task or another page based on a user's role

I was trying to implement a simple scenario wherein a user would be redirected to either of the two tasks or forms based on his role, but was unable to do so, due to lack of specific documentation. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Search task by date


I need to search tasks where reached_state_date > "xyz" using REST API
Can't find it in documentation

version 7.2

Can anyone help me please?!

How to display the list of Pending task based on Process id and actor/lane group mapped


I have to create a page to display information from the Portal. Now this page will be like a summary page.

I need to display the pending tasks for a particular user based on user id.

I also need to display the Tasks completed by the same user.

Also I need to the show the available tasks and the allocated/assigned tasks.

Get human task from existing process

Help please.
I have a process call "WKF" , and in the design, the process have some human task defined, for example
Task 1
Task 2
Task 3....
Task N.
My question is, how can i get all the human task names from the process (WKF), independent if the process have human tasks created or not.
Please help

Savoir si un utilisateur fait parti des acteurs de mon processus

actuellement je suis entrain de créer une application dans LiveApplication de Bonita. (LiveDriveCar)
Voici l'organisation de mon app:
-- Driveboard
--------- demande de location
--------- validation demande
sur la page DriveBoard , j'affiche un recap sous forme de tableau de toutes les demandes de location.
j'ai deux bouton qui s'affiche en fonction du type d'acteur:
si l'acteur est un demandeur : il aura un link button (+ nouvelle demande de location)

WorkList in Bonitasoft

Suppose i have a activity RequestRawMaterials
I want to show the cases to the user based on their organization or geo location

how can this be accomplished in bonitasoft ?

When Executing a Human Task - The First Step is assignUserTask - I want to have trigger or start a time as soon as assignUserTask happens - Any way i can do that ?


I am using Bonita 7.1
I have a use case to track the SLA since the case was assigned to a user and the time till he closed the case

I want to start a timer as soon as AssignedToUserTask happens ?

Any help here how can this be achieved ?

How execute a (human) task with contract defined input values using the java API ?


I'm looking at the java API documentation, and I have not found any way to execute a task setting its contract inputs values at the same time ?

The goal is to design processes with human tasks, using the contract variables to define what should be user's input, but execute them from external systems (exposing web services in our case).

What is the best design for that ?

Thanks for your help.