Set URL and it gives 404 Error in hyperlink

I have an Issue. I did hyperlink the Button to the URL, following the demo. Now I want to click the button to access the Form so i can initiate a new travel Request, and it refuses to open. I get 404 Error


Is there something i appear to be missing or getting wrong here?

Access process variable from link or button

Hi guys :)
maybe you can help me.
i have a process variable called "bookURL" with the site url of one book (http://www... etc).
i want to show a link or a button in one form so when the user click them, he will be redirected to the site, but i cannot do it.
If i show the variable in one input, everything is ok .. but, i dont know how to put that variable in one "link" or "button" as a external link.


Unable to get button on app page to start process or open Instantiation Form

On my app page, I've created a button to start a new order, which should initiate the process by opening the Instantiation form. My page is based off the travel request tutorial. I found some other threads regarding similar issues.

Differents submit buttons to decide the next task

Hello, Im Using Bonita 7.3.1.

With Bonita 5.1, sometimes I used two or more submit buttons in a form, to decide between differents ways at process diagram. Simply, I set a action in the button to set a decision var with a value associated with button. With this var, I could decide take one or other way to continue the process.

Now, with Bonita 7.3.1, I dont know how do it. I imagine some easy way to do it, but I dont know. I need more than one submit button, this way the user will decide where the process continue.


[RESOLVED] How to set up a print form button in UI designer

I am working with Bonitasoft 7.1.3. Any ideas on how to set up a simple print button in a UI designer form (opens the ctrl+p print window in browser)? I tried to do it with a Javascript expression (put "window.print()" in a Javascript expression variable print and invoked the print Variable in a submit button's Data sent on click parameter). It didn't work. Any other ideas?

Submit button just doesn't work anywhere (not in Portal, Run or just the Ui designer)

I am able to input values, managed to define profiles for users with associated roles in the portal, however, when the initiator (logged into the portal) of the first task in chooses to start the process, the form opens and, when all the values are input, clicking on the Submit button does nothing. The Submit button does nothing in the UI Designer preview as well.

How do I use a connector on a button?

Hi there,

Bonita Studio 6.3.7, Java, Windows 8.1

I have need to execute a connector on a button on a form how do I do this?

For example, I have a form with a table of documents, for each document I have a Download Button. On the button I want to execute a connector to download the document from the Document Management System.

many thanks in advance,

regards Seán

Two submitbuttons on one page with page-validator makes clicked submitbutton exclusive

Dear Bonita-community,

I encounter a strange behavior when using two submit-button on one page. The page has also a page-validator (That for instance only does a check on clicked button and returns always false). When I have clicked one of the two submit-buttons, the submit-button clicked stays active but then the other submit-button becomes disabled/not active. There is not detection anymore that the second submit-button is clicked.

Has anybody else found this problem and what would be the solution?

Cheers, Steven

How to Add Action on button

i create on form and on text field 'cmnt'

I want to add a comment with a data from a form field 'cmnt' , I can add an action to the form and write the next groovy code:

apiAccessor.getProcessAPI().addComment(rootProcessInstanceId, field_TextField1);

for that i done following . now in submit's button's > general tab > action > add action now there is two field

---- takes value of ----- now exactly where i have to write code ?

i tried by ---- takes value of -Code = give error Variable -- takes value of -- Code = give error