Java Project Dependency not recognized - NoClassDefFoundException

I have a Java Project with Objects and Classes to use in Connectors in Bonita Studio. I see the class definitions when I initialize eg a Pool Variable and can select my class type. Whenever I use something from that jar in a Java Connector inside Bonita Studio I run into NoClassDefFoundException when executing the process.

How can I use custom Objects and Classes in Bonita Connectors?

Access process variable from link or button

Hi guys :)
maybe you can help me.
i have a process variable called "bookURL" with the site url of one book (http://www... etc).
i want to show a link or a button in one form so when the user click them, he will be redirected to the site, but i cannot do it.
If i show the variable in one input, everything is ok .. but, i dont know how to put that variable in one "link" or "button" as a external link.


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Created on Bonita BPM version : 6.3.3

Objectives: Execute an external groovy script

You can edit the script without recompiling neither redeploying the process on the server * Use as a form widget connector, it allows you to edit the script and refresh the screen to see the result * Use as a Form transiant data connector, it allows you to edit the script and refresh the screen to see the result * Use as an activity connector, it allows you to edit the script, restart a new process instance and see the changes

Releases for Execute External Groovy Script Connector

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First release 6.5.x, 6.4.x, 6.3.x 2015-Jun-10 Download
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Pass an id to an external application

Could i know how to pass an id from a Bonita form to an external application? I have a form in Bonita which generates a unique id. I want this id to be passed into the external application. I have an html widget with a link to the url. When the user clicks on it, the generated should be passed in it.

Can anybody let me know how it can be done?


Regards, Anand

Problem connecting to external PostgreSQL DB using connector

Bonita BPM 6.5.2. Community PostgreSQL 9.4

I am very new in using Bonita. I am studying it to use in production. I stuck in pretty simply task. I need to create connectors in order to get and update data from/in external client base (PostgreSQL). I created connector in lane, entered correct info for connecting to the database but can't event test connection with simple queries.

Here are my steps:

  1. Choose connector - PostgreSQL 9.2.
  2. Choose driver - PostgreSQL.

  3. Enter DB access information. DB is hosted locally.