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Hi guys :)
maybe you can help me.
i have a process variable called "bookURL" with the site url of one book (http://www... etc).
i want to show a link or a button in one form so when the user click them, he will be redirected to the site, but i cannot do it.
If i show the variable in one input, everything is ok .. but, i dont know how to put that variable in one "link" or "button" as a external link.


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Hi Mauro,
I would say, first you need to get your process variable onto your form. You can do it via the API (I made a custom widget for that

Then you can either use the above mentioned widget of or include the code into your link (by using the link/http widget) and input something like this

<a href="{{ caseVariables['bookURL'] }}" target="_blank">Check out this great book</a>

Hope it helps..


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Valerio, you are the best :)
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Just create a Custom Widget that will execute a in JavaScript.


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If you don't know how to do it, you can download such widget from my site. It allows to execute any JavaScript function:

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thanks contact_420 !