Form input does not change

Hello. I am trying to create app for creating and modifying business vars (something like simple registry) and i have problem with modifying data in inputs.

I have 2 processes - first for creating, second for modifying business vars.

The problem is in second one:

403 when trying to save an UIdesigner Form


Pretty much everything is in the title. I can't save any form from UIDesigner, even if I haven't made any change to it :


The javascript console reports an HTTP 403.

I have tried to restart the web server and to reset the engine, without success. There's nothing in the logs (I checked both bonita.log and catalina.log).

I'd like to avoid uninstalling and reinstalling the studio

¿Como introducir un check-box o radio buton en las filas de una tabla para elegir un elemento de la tabla?

Hola a toda la comunidad de Bonita, cualquier ayuda será agradecida, soy novato en bonita 7.2.
El problema es que voy a mostrar una tabla de Items (Widget de bonita) , y quiere poner un radio button en todas las filas y si selecciono una de las filas que se muestre deba jo de la tabla en un paner otros campos con más detalles sobre la fila seleccionada, pero sin ocultar la tabla original.

Por lo que he podido ver no lo permite el UIDesigner, y no se me ocurre como hacerlo.
Supongo que para hacerlo tendré que hacerme un Widget personalizado hecho por mi que haga esto.

¿How to put a check-box or radio button into the rows of a Table to select one row?

Hello to the hole Bonita community, I’m new in Bonita 7.2, any help will be appreciated.
This is the problem:
I have a table in the form with different rows and I need to select one of the rows and show the details of the selected row in a panel below the table.
I can't see the way of adding a check-box or radio-button into a table.
I think this isn't possible, and I will need to create a personalized widget or table to do this. Isn’t it?

If some know how to do it, I would appreciate.


Submit button just doesn't work anywhere (not in Portal, Run or just the Ui designer)

I am able to input values, managed to define profiles for users with associated roles in the portal, however, when the initiator (logged into the portal) of the first task in chooses to start the process, the form opens and, when all the values are input, clicking on the Submit button does nothing. The Submit button does nothing in the UI Designer preview as well.

Problem Previewing Tab Containers

Hello all,

This morning I was working on the UI and I was setting up a Tab Container. This is the error I got and I have no idea how to fix it or why it's happening. I've tried restarting my web server, Bonita Studio all together and even my computer. This is the error I find in the console.