Custom event listeners

How to detect the event for Human Task "activated"


I need to create 3 event handlers, triggered when one human task :

  • is activated (or initialized)
  • When it's assigned to a user
  • When it's completed (with errors or not)

I'm able to get the third done using the state "completed" of flowNodeInstance.getStateName()

For the first one the status ready is not good because a Human task is ready also after execution, so my event is triggered twice.

I didn't find this information in the documentation, any help is appreciated,

kind regards,

Form input does not change

Hello. I am trying to create app for creating and modifying business vars (something like simple registry) and i have problem with modifying data in inputs.

I have 2 processes - first for creating, second for modifying business vars.

The problem is in second one: