How to print/export a diagram with header?

Hi all,

I recently dowloaded Bonita BPM 7.4.3 to draw BPM diagrams.

I've printed some as PDF, is it possible to get headers/titles on the print?

Thanks for helping!


Set up Paper Size to A4

In South Africa our default page size is A4. How do I set it up in Bonitasoft to print to A4. It seems each time print I have to change the paper size from Letter to A4

Support will be appreciated

[RESOLVED] How to set up a print form button in UI designer

I am working with Bonitasoft 7.1.3. Any ideas on how to set up a simple print button in a UI designer form (opens the ctrl+p print window in browser)? I tried to do it with a Javascript expression (put "window.print()" in a Javascript expression variable print and invoked the print Variable in a submit button's Data sent on click parameter). It didn't work. Any other ideas?

Please ensure that at least one printer is installed and retry

We have installed on Mac OS X 10.7.5 the software Bonita BPM 7. There is a problem: when we send a print and select the print, the software have an alert with text "Please ensure that at least one printer is installed and retry"; How to solve the problem?
It is urgent, thank you.

Printing / exporting a diagram

I'd like to change my page size to 11X17, but I can't seem to find where to select paper size. Then I tried export the file as either a jpg or png, but I get an error pop up that just states null.

Printing problems in BonitaBPM for Linux (64Bits)

Althoug everything seems fine in the print preview, when the diagram is actually printed, there are lots of mistakes. The problem seems to be within Bonita, since i had the same problem printing in PDF.

Does anyone have a clue?