Due Date

How to update the Due Date for a Human task programatically

I am trying to implement a Process which has multiple Vendor Activity Tasks.
The Key element here is to implement a SLA metrics for each task.
I need to calculate whether each task was completed in Due time.

I am planning to use the Property available in the Bonita studio for setting the Due date for each task/activity.
This works great .
But my problem is that I need to consider Weekends as out side SLA. The tool should calculate for Days from Monday to Friday. Saturday and Sunday are excluded.

Set Due date programmatically in 6.3.x

Hi! My client has a Due date specification where depending on several factors, a due date is defined. I use a connector to get this due date, but I don't know how to apply it to the Human task next to it.

Sure, I could use a Timer but I want to be able to see this Due date, or time left on the Portal. Is there a way to achieve this?

Set due date in Bonita 6.2.1

Hi all, How can I set time "due date" for a human task (Daily: begin 7am to 17pm everyday and without weekends) in 6.2.1? (steps?) Help me! Thank you so much,

Calculate Next Business Date in Bonita CE

Hi all,

Is there an API that allows me to calculate the next due date according to a working calendar?

Like this approach


Alternatively, I have to provide a Groovy script selfmade

Thanks in advance.