archived task

How to Determine the Date when a task was assigned and when it was completed

I am trying to determine the dates when a task arrived to the group. When the task was assigned to a user and when the task was completed. This would help us in understanding how much time was the task lying open before someone worked on it.
I am using an Rest API to fetch that Data from the portal . /bonita/API/bpm/archivedHumanTask?p=0&c=100&f=caseId={{caseId}}&o=archivedDate%20ASC&o=displayName%20DESC

Here there are 3 seperate dates.
1) Assigned Date
2)Reached State Date
3) Archived Date

How to display the list of Pending task based on Process id and actor/lane group mapped


I have to create a page to display information from the Portal. Now this page will be like a summary page.

I need to display the pending tasks for a particular user based on user id.

I also need to display the Tasks completed by the same user.

Also I need to the show the available tasks and the allocated/assigned tasks.