Bonita Portal: Logging in from a Different Computer



I have two users: One Employee; One Manager.

I'm going to be demo'ing my little program for a class in the coming days and was wondering two things:

How would I go about logging into the Employee on one computer and the Manager on another and still have the process work?

And is there a way for forms to instantly be seen when sending between the two without having to click "My tasks" or "To do"? As in the Employee sends a form, and it pops up automatically in the Manager's task list?.

Thanks so much for your time, I'm extremely new to Bonita BPM but have found people on the forums to be incredibly helpful.

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What version of Bonitasoft are you using?

Portal or Studio?

You should do this via Portal as it is more aligned with such a demo, yes you can do it through Studio, just don't close Studio during the demo as the whole service will fall.

Quite simple really:

1) get the IP of your computer
2) open the Portal and check your Port number
3) open the Port in your firewall to allow access
4) On the primary computer open the browser : http://localhost:{yourport}/bonita
5) On the other computer open the browser : http://{ipaddressfrom 1 above}:{portnumber same as 4}/bonita

That should be it,


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Submitted by alafrenz on Thu, 09/08/2016 - 14:47

Version 7.3.1, perfect sounds simple enough. Is there anyway for the forms sent between the two to appear instantaneously?