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How to retrieve the local files on server side with file name from front pages?

Hi everyone,

I currently encountered a problem. I have a form where users can select several file names among a lot of names, then we'll lead users to another application page with the selected name(s). Since this redirection does not reflect a process or a task at backend( the pool), I have no way to do some operations( like retrieving the files in my repository by names via Groovy) to manage the documents variable, which means I can't display the files by document_ref in my file viewer.

So is there any method that can help me to realize that?

Task is not assigned to next user if document is not uploaded

I have document upload field in form. If i upload document it is forward to next user if it is not uploaded the it is not assigned to next user. I need that if document is uploaded or not it must be forward to next user. how can i make it possible in Bonita BPM Community Edition Version : 7.3.1. I also want to know that how can i access document variable in script defined in document tab.

Fusion de document PDF


jai un processus qui a plusieurs document (PDF) que j'aimerais fusionner en un seul document avec un nom bien défini.

Quelqu'un pour me mettre sur une piste ?

How can I get document content from multiple group widget?


How can I get document content from multiple group widget?

I hava this:
this give me:
multiAss42b6fd26-7614-4858-b049-e1b6f58c4418 it´s type String and I need type DocumentValue.

I know the structure is:
I need something like:
List<Map<String,DocumentValue>> I guess.

Hope anyone may help me.