/living/application gives 403 forbidden


I'm using Bonita 7.2.2. In one of my application, I'm using GET|/living/application API. But it gives me 403 forbidden error. My user belongs to User profile. I think there is something related to user permission.
But I don't have much idea about permissions. Also in other environment same API is working with user profile.
What am I missing? Please help.


Change password via REST not possible for non-administrator / HTTP 403 Forbidden

Hi dear community,
I've built a Live Application that is called "Set your password".

This live application just has two input fields and one button.
The button sends the request to the Bonita API via put.

The payload is generated via Javascript:
var payload = { "password": $data.newPass, "password_confirm": $data.newPassRepeat };

The API is called via:
../API/identity/user/{{ userId.user_id }}

If I use this as an administrator, it works, as a user I get a 403 forbidden error. Why?