Authentication and IFrame


I'm showing bonita portal form into an IFrame giving form URL (cf : http://documentation.bonitasoft.com/accessing-bonita-bpm-portal-and-form...).

The problem is that I need to log-in everytime. Is it possible to connect to the portal through code in order to hide this part ?

Thanks :)

Internet Explorer 11 with bonita iframe compatibility mode issue

We are currently experiencing an issue running Bonita under internet explorer 11 when loading an external website using the embedded iframe feature of a work flow.

We have narrowed this down to the following html X-UA-Compatible loaded my the bonita parent application.

Groovy script - iFrame - URL

Hi everyone,

I want to include another web page in my form. I think I need to use an iFrame but it doesn't work. I didn't find something in the documentation about that. I entered the URL of the iFrame : “http://www.google.com“ .. doesn't work I entered the URL of the iFrame via a groovy script in returning an URL : import java.net.URL;

def webpage = new URL('http://www.google.com'); return webpage;

Do you have a groovy script working? Thanks,




Tengo el siguiente problema, pretendo cargar un formulario de bonita a través de un iframe dentro de un HTML, pero al momento de invocarlo no lo carga, ya revise mi archivo web.xml según la nota:


Sin embargo al momento de comentar la linea