how to disable a button for javascript expression variable in UI designer

I am a beginner working on a project.

I have created a JavaScript expression that checks for null values in form input and displays in a text widget with red CSS.

The submit button in the instantiation form already have Disabled as "$form.$invalid" it works for other required validations,angular css

but for this JavaScript expression message is displayed if the values are null and message does not display if the value is not null but

button is enabling though iam not getting values in JavaScript expression

Contrainte sur upload file

Juste savoir, est-ce possible de garder le bouton de Soumission inactif aussi longtemps que l'utilisateur essaye d'uploader un fichier au délà d'une taille max donnée?


Warning Message


I have a form in which you can load attach multiple documents, it is handled through 2 buttons, one to delete and one to add, normal in this case. By default, when we add that the control appears to load the document, it is necessary to load it, otherwise, the request can not be sent or forwarded.

I would like to know how I can place a notice to the user so that when I click on the add button and the attachment control is displayed, I placed the document and do not leave it empty, causing the request not to be sent.

Custom message for error while validating expected inputs

Hi everybody,

I'm using bonita 7.2. When I got a validation error in form, I got an error popup saying:

"Error while trying to execute the task. Some required information is missing (not contract not fullfilled)"

Is it possible to customize this message?
I tried to add a costraint on contract variable, typing an error message, but I can't see it nowhere...
Thank you all for helping me.


How to prevent a form is refreshed ?


I'm using Bonita 7.3.2. I have followed the tutorial to create a custom validation form, that is in the secction Howtos (http://documentation.bonitasoft.com/?page=manage-control-in-forms).

How to validate fields of a form?

Hello eveybody,

I'm using the last one version of BonitaBPM (7.3.1). I've implemented my process correctly. I have run in the portal and it works perfectly. BUT I am not able to see how the constraints work, if when I fill the fields wrongly on purpose and I press submit button the page is refreshed and a message says "An error an ocurred in the form" and nothing happens.

There is a way to show a message above the form including what validation errors are instead of refresh the page?. It´s so unconfortable filling all form fileds again.

using rest in a constraint

I tried to use rest connector and RestClient in the contract constraints , but the editor kept lagging and eventually I couldn't start bonita at all. Could you tell me is this even possible to do or is there another way I could do server side validation of my data?
Magdalina Civovic