Retrieving variables from call activity (BOS 6.X) via API REST


Hi there!

I have 2 pools connected by a call activity. Is there any posible way to retrieve a(all) variable(s) from the "children" pool via API REST?

Here's a briefing :)

  • In the "parent" pool i have a human task that setup the value of some variables.
  • I've mapped every variable from the "parent" pool to the "children"
  • On the "children" pool, i have a couple of humanTask and both with a DB Connector. The "children" pool have its variables mapped from the parent
  • I update the value of some variables on the parent pool and, thanks to the mappping, everything works fine on the first humanTask. Now im stopped on 2nd humanTask of the "children" pool and need to update other variables in order to execute the DB connectors on the current task
  • I've debugged a liltle bit on the API REST, and figured that each pool is installed on the engine, but only the "parent" pool has initiated a case. So, i cant use the method caseVariable because i dont have the caseId from the "children" pool (as far as i know) *I've thrown some blindblows on the caseVariable method filtering with the processId with no luck

Any ideas?


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