Task Forms not displayed in Claims Tutorial mounted on docker version


I am trying to deploy the tutorial example of claims to a dockerized version of Bonita 7.10.1.

I have tested the application using the Bonita BPM Studio, and works well.

In the docker version:

- I have deployed the BDM using a bdm.zip generated from BPM Studio.

- I have deployed the organization (ACME), mounted the user permissions (Admin & Users) equals to the Bonita BPM Portal embebded to BPM Studio. I used the xml file exported from Bonita BPM Studio.

- I have deployed the claims-List as Page following the tutorial (previously exported from Studio a page-calimsList.zip)

- I have deployed the ClaimsManagement-1.0.bar

When I init the process, the initial form is displayed ok, but when I pass to the next user (thomas.wallis, p.e), the form associated (Review and answer Claim) not appear in the screen.

The screen shows the message: "this task cannot be executed from here" instead of showing the form associated.

Any idea of the problem? I am stuck on this.

Thank you very much


Submitted by delphine.coille... on Thu, 03/26/2020 - 16:19

Hola Diego,

Si es posible, mandame tu .bos para que intente reproducirlo. Gracias


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