How to run call processes with a list?

Hello everybody,

I am a beginner on Bonita and I have to create a process that will create and launch other processes (call activity). My parent process contains a business variable which has 3 fields:
-"MasterMO" (it is a reference)
-"ChildMOs" This list "ChildMOs" type is "ChildMO" which is another "multiple" business data which contain


Get activityInstanceId to use in custom connector


I need to get de activityInstanceId to use in a Custom Connector. For that, I create a process variable with default value a groovy script with "activityInstanceId". That process variable is used to input of my own connector. When I get de value of activityInstanceId returns -1. Can someone help me?

Here is the print of Process Variable

Here is the print of Custom Connector



Update Case and Activity after successful PUT state not changing


I am using rest API and I have a problem changing the state of case and activity. Also, I am in need of information or code snippet on how to claim the task on JavaScript.

I use Living Application example but not able to claim the Human task, Query Activity, and Case State after the update,

For now, I just can make the activity Completed, but when I try another state, the response gives 200 but state activity remains on executing. Please clear me what is the difference between this state executing and state that I want to assign.