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How to pass a business variable to a different pool?

Hey everybody,

I'm having a problem passing business variable data to different pools. I try to use "throw message" and "receive message" to pass the business variable data to another pool, but i don't get any data in the other pool.

Could anybody help me please?

How to access attributes stored in a List business variable?

I have a business variable that receives the data that is stored in my BDM, after that I need to access the values ​​of that variable, for example, this variable receives the names of my carriers, how can I check for names of carriers that are being repeated?

How to compare two business variables?

I'm selecting a record from an external PostgreSQL Database, and saving the information in my BDM, however I want the BDM records not to be duplicate, I currently have two business variables, one that gets the information from my BDM and another Which receives the records from my external database, I need to compare those variables to add in my BDM only record that are not already contained in it.

How could I do that?

I have the link to my .BOS file if you can help me, I thank you.

Is it possible to have two business variables in one just process?

I have two BDMs, each to receive the respective records from different tables, I generated a script that worked perfectly to add the records in a BDM, however if I try to add two Business Variables to my process, I can not save the records in the second BDM , My question at the end is, I can have two business variables in a single pool?

My log Error:

Pass information from a process variable to the attributes of my BDM

I need to save the contents of my process variable to the attributes I created in my BDM, how can I do this?

Link para o arquivo .bos:

business variables do not retrieve the values from the formOutput

I use several business variables to store values chosen by user interaction from UI forms.
After each task I want to use a business variable to store the user selection for a certain type and at the end of the process the last form is supposed to display the selected data from each tasks.