custom auth

Custom CAS filter


I want to create a custom CAS filter in my environment for authentication. Can anybody guide me on this topic.
Thank you.


AuthenticationManager implementation does not exists

I am trying to create a custom AuthenticationManager implementation.

I started by a copy/paste of StandardAuthenticationManagerImpl (which basically does nothing!) and created a nice custom-auth.jar file.

I put that jar in workspace/tomcat/lib and modified the auth.AuthenticationManager property in

When I start the portal from the studio I have two options:

Custom Authentication Service

In BonitaSoft site, in the section that explains about authentication services ( is mentioned as follows: "In Subscription editions, Also it is possible to write your own authentication service. ". Could you tell me where is the documentation on creating a custom service to environments beyond those presented in the documentation (JAAS, LDAP, OAuth, CAS ...)?