¿Cómo configurar el método GET por API REST para obtener contenido de mensajes de GMAIL?

Necesitamos obtener información desde Gmail, para ello hemos utilizado la opción GET del API REST de Bonita. Hemos ubicado los datos brindados por el API de Google (ID de cliente y Clave secreta). Cuando efectuamos la prueba desde la interfaz de Bonita nos arroja el siguiente error:

How to configure GET method by REST API to get message content from GMAIL?

We need to obtain information from Gmail, for this we have used the GET option of the Bonita REST API. We have located the data provided by the Google API (Client ID and Secret Key). When we run the test from the Bonita interface, it throws us the following error:

Simple example with SMTP connector

Hi everyone,

I am quite new to Bonita. I have been trying to setup a connector for sending email from a Gmail account. I have read many tutorials which all seem quite straight forward and followed the same steps. However, after clicking the Test button, I keep getting the error message provided underneath.

Help to set up email

Hi, Ive tried to set up an outgoing email, I used a gmail account, all data direct, nothing groovy, and Im not using any proxy, but I have got the folowing error message:

Triggering a new case via REST API

I am looking for options to trigger a new case by receiving an email to a gmail address.

I have seen a couple of questions on triggering a new case by email. The recommendation was to use an ESB (Camel or Mule). What about API REST?

Preliminary I think about the following sequence:

  1. Connect Gmail with Zapier
  2. Once Gmail receives an email - trigger a webhook from Zapier to Bonita BPM
  3. Bonita BPM receives the webhook and triggers a new case

I would appreciate any thoughts and considerations regarding this matter.

Failed Using Gmail Connector

I am using BonitaSoft 7.0.2
When I try to test Gmail connector I have this error:

Trying to send a mail


I'm trying to send a mail, with mi gmail address, to another gmail addres. I'm testing first the connector for sending mails and I'm using the following data:

SMTP Host: SMTP Port: 465 Security: SSL -> checked STARTTLS -> not checked Authentication: Username: Password: the password of the gmail address above

Then I click 'next', and continue: