SSO implementation in community edition


I've been exploring Bonita for the past few weeks. I am interested in implementing a bonita based solution for an office that requires SAML v2 SSO for user authentication. Is this possible with the community edition? Also is it possible to use the security groups in AD with bonita?

About Configure Bonita BPM Bundle for SAML


Step 3&4 ,i need find two files "bonita-tenant-sp-custom.xml" &""

first I can't find it
second, i found some similar files ,BUT there are no such params in any of those files.

so any Official Staff can give some advice about this?

or i just need ignore these steps?

The things is like that i can't use SAML way to do the authentication things.

How to integrate BonitaSoft and WSO2 Identity Server to Authenticate using SAML2

i need integrate BonitaSoft with WSO2 Identity Server to authentication using SAML or SAML2.

Any suggestion?