attachment document multiplicity

How to make attachment not required?


I want to make the attachment not required. I use these File upload and download process example ( I cannot submit the form when it is empty. How can I make it optional and can submit the form when it is null and have an attachment. If this cannot be done is there a workaround for attachment.

Note: I use the multiple attachment option since our user attach multiple of documents.

How to Store attachment into hard drive .

how can i store attachment(document) from process uploaded by user to harddrive . it can be any type of document , .pdf , .doc , .xls etc.

Pl help . give any example .

How to handle multiple document attachment with Bonita v6 ?


With v.5.* we used to handle attachment of multiple files to a process and multi instanciatite an activity based on the resulting list of documents.

To achieve this we had to use a variable with the type attachment set to be multiple, and then save the output of multiple file widget in this list.

So far so good.

It happens that, with v. 6, the document abstraction provided in replacement to attachment type does not expose multiplicity.

How to get that feature working with v6 ? That is the question.

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