Bonita 7.5.4

Issue while deploying BDM in Bonita studio


We have around 50+ processes deployed on our local Bonitasoft 7.5.4 server. After I deploy all the processes, if I try to deploy a BDM change, the local H2 instance is throwing Out of Memory error as shown below and after this error, when I try to launch the portal a 500 error is being thrown and the only way to come out of this is to delete the local Bonita database file(bonita_journal.db.h2.db) which deletes all the deployed process. Hence, this has become a deadlock to us.

Any in-sight in to this problem is highly appreciated.

Hay algún error en los "boundary timers" (versión 7.5.4)?

He añadido un "boundary timers" en una tarea por primera vez. He configurado la duración (15 s) y he añadido un "terminate event" como excepción. Sin embargo, la ejecución sigue una vez pasados los 15 segundos.
Puede ser que se trate de un error? Estoy trabajando con la versión 7.5.4.


EDITADO: He instalado el proceso en la versión más nueva y el "boundary timer event" ha funcionado como se correctamente. Hay alguna manera de solucionar este problema sin tener que instalar una nueva versión?

Is there a bug in boundary timer events (version 7.5.4)?

Hi everyone,
I added a boundary timer event to my process for the first time. I set the duration (15 s) and I set a terminate end event as an exception trasition. However, the flow keeps running after the 15 seconds.
Anyone knows if it's a bug? I'm working with version 7.5.4.


EDITED: I installed the process in the newest version and the boundary timer event worked as expected so it's a version issue. Is there some way to solve it without installing the new version?

How can we configure authorization to instantiate a process via REST API?

In our application, we instantiate the process via REST API. In the process configuration, an actor is set as 'initiator' configured with actor mapping. But these settings does not seem to apply the authorization to instantiate the process and any Bonita user(though not qualifying for the actor mapping filter) belonging to the installed organization was able to instantiate the process.

Thanks in advance,
Raji Malla

How prepopulate text inputs with an initial value for $item?

I am implementing a form containing a set of repeated input fields which need to be initialized with some database values and then modified by user.

That is, we have a container in which set of items should be created:
item1: field1, field2,.. fieldN
item2: field1, field2,.. fieldN

I used a JavaScript expression to initialize the values in the form input:
var idx = $data.formInput.selectedItemIndex;

if (!$data.formInput.contractAdd.myItems) {
return null;

"Child" Table Widget fails to render the content of an array

I've been following a vacation example to implement a living app page with the following UI using Community Edition (v. 7.5.4):
- there is a top-level table with main contents
- when user clicks on the top-level table row and selects it, the row details are rendered in a separate container.