Service task failed after giving value to object list (nullPointerException) what can cause this error? (log in desc)

I have a problem with my process, to be honest it worked fine for months... So i think there is something else causing the the task to fail.

I have an object list business data, in the operation i set "takes value of", and create a list of these objects, at the end of the groovy script before i return the list, i write the size of the list in the log, and it is fine, other logings are done as well, it looks like everything is good. However after the size in the log this happens and my task fails:

[ Solved] Contract violation, Date Null

Good morning,

I asked this question on the French bonita forum but with no answer, I try now with the English community, forgive my English please :d.

I use a form to recover some data and a deadline date that the user CAN indicate.

This date is not mandatory, the datepicker is displayed only if a radio button is selected.

The problem now is that that the DatePicker widget starts by default on the current date, the variable "deadline" is instantiated by default to null in the Input JSON. Now, if no date is specified by the user, an error message appears:

[Résolu] Violation de contrat Date Null


J'utilise un formulaire me permettant de récupérer plusieurs données dont une date d'échéance que l'utilisateur doit indiquer.

Cette date d'échéance n'est pas obligatoire, elle n'est à entrer seulement si un bouton radio est coché, le datepicker est donc parfois non affiché.

Le problème maintenant est que afin que le widget DatePicker démarre par défaut sur la date du jour, la variable "echeance" est instanciée par défaut à null. Maintenant, si aucune date n'est indiquée par l'utilisateur, un message d'erreur apparait :