Create a Process and create Subprocess from the list with "Call Activity" and "iteration" (multi-instantiation parallel)

Dear, it is difficult for me to be able to model a process of the type father and son or master detail with the use of the call to the Activity.

So far I have only modeled a single process in a simple way. I have not even needed to send messages, which I'm sure I'm wasting a lot of power.

Update the search key value of the root process


Have you got an idea on how to update the search key value of the main process when the case is in a subprocess ?

Thanks a lot.

Get error details in subprocess


I have a process with several script tasks. Specifically I have a task that insert data into a database and one that call a webservice

Creating new users througth API REST

Hi, everybody,

I have created a web page that it allow me to create new users . The source code of this page makes the following tasks:

  • Create a user
  • Assign the profile
  • Assign the membership
  • Enable the user

Finally the user is created properly. The problem that i'm trying to solve is that when i'm trying to use this new user into some subprocess, either to assign a human tasks or other things, does not work.

Why?, what i'm doing wrong?


Can't call a subprocess

I have a master process and a slave process. The master process is configured to call the slave process. In the master process it has configured some users in order to do human tasks. Depending on which user is assigned in order to do human task , the slave process is called properly or not. I have reviewed the users of the organization, and are the same.

Somebody has an idea?


I can't do human tasks of a subprecess.

Hi ,

i have a master process and a slave process. The Slave process, is called from the master process. Depending of, what user is assigned to doing the tasks , the subprocess(sleve) is called correctly or not. I have reviewed the two organization of master process and slave process, and have all users.


Creating a subprocess

Hi ,

How i can create a subprocess without mapping any variable. Now i have created a parent process and inside it i have created some blocks . One of those blocks is setted as an call subprocess (child) and i have not mapped any variable , because i don't need to pass any information to subprocess, only what i need is to call this subprocess but it seems to be a problem, because it can not to call the subprocess.

Thanks in advance.

Can I reference/link a sub-process to another .proc file?

Hi, we're evaluating BonitaSoft in our company as a possible replacement for Bizagi. Here's what we want to do, but so far couldn't:

How to connect from subprocess task to parent task?


I am new to BPM and am attempting some basic mock ups for our company. While exploring, I came across some issues I'm hoping someone here can help me with. First, some background info on my process:

I have a subprocess that exists only as a child of a parent process (I'm using an Event Subprocess - I'd rather not but it's the only option). This process has a step where a report must be sent by one participant to another participant. Each participant lives in separate lanes right now.

My problem therefore is as follows:

How to use Call to Action / Sub processes ?

I need to call other process(es) from my main process.

How do I do that in Bonita BPM ?