Editable Grid - SelectBox / Remove lines

Hi Community,

So, I have a new task here at office that consists in showing at the screen an 'Excel Like' table. This table must be filled, each line, with some DB stuff. No big deal so far.

However, there is always a problem. :)

One of the steps of my process must be a manager who see this table and 'erase' some lines to send it to a supervisor who will 'erase' another lines. Then there will be a final approval.

The best thing I've found to do that is by an Editable grid. But I have 2 problems:

Fill Table widget with values from DB

Hi all

I am a newbie at Bonita, struggling with displaying values, retrieved from an MS SQL DB, in a table. I am using Bonita BPM Community v6.2.0 with MS SQL 2012, on Windows 8, with JRE 6. I am running the JBOSS bundle. I am retrieving the data using a datasource connector, so the pretty new connector interface where I can choose the output type (nRows by nColumns) is not available.

Fill a variable with a selected field in a table

Hi everyone!

I was wondering if there is a way to fill a variable with the content of a selected cell of a table.

I'm woking on a formulary that shows a table as a result. This table has X lines and 7 columms. I want to make something to be able to get the value of one of those cells, specific the cell that the user selected, and fill a numeric variable with that value.

Is it possible or am I asking too much? :)

BOS 6.1.1

Thanks in advance and a great weekend for everyone.