how I can do a test on an attribute of business variable of list type?


On a gateway, I want to do a test on an attribute: observationResultStatus of a business variable of list type: obx.
Under a transition, I created the following script:
oru_R01.patientResult.patientOruR01.patientObservation.obx.forEach (obx.observationResultStatus == 'X').

I get this error:
Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property 'obx' on null object.

where is the problem or how I can do this test ?

Get form variables Bonita 7.9.4

Hello, I wanted to know if anyone has knowledge on how to obtain the variables stored in the database after completing a UI Designer form, to use them in another process within the same diagram. (For example, to use it on an XOR gateway). Thanks for your attention.

Bonitasoft version 7.9.4
MySQL database

How to reexecute or bypass a gateway in error state ?


All is in the question...

Thanks for any response.

Conditional execution for (custom) connectors

Hi everybody,

I would like to execute a connector conditionally, based on the value of boolean process variable set by a user within a form.
Which is the best possible solution? At the moment, the only solution I though is to put the connector inside a service task and put a gateway before the service task. Are there other solutions?

Thank you all

Parallel gateways not working

Hi all,

I have a 2 pools diagram (A and B). Start task is on process A and at some point I need to wait for a message from pool B, so i decided to put a parallel signal to syncronize processes, but all tasks next the gateway are not executed. It seems that the gateway is not working.

I'm using bonita 6.2 community,

Thanks, any help is appreciated.