Get the name of the person who has completed a stage in the portal Bonita

Hi everyone,
I created a form for a vacation request, has several stages of decision and in some fields you need to provide the name of the person who completed the previous stage or revised in the portal Bonita, to be displayed in a field just reading in the next step. An example would be the default admin "Walter Bates' who would complete the task to review and be shown in the next step as the person who completed the previous task in read-only mode. As you might know someone do this?



Manejo de Multiples Documentos

Hola, estoy diseñando un formulario que se le ingresará información a través de un usuario, tendrá otro campos para cargar varios documentos a la vez, puede añadir uno o varios, pero estos documentos son opcionales, el formulario debe avanzar aunque el usuario no cargue documentos o archivos. Mientras cargue el archivo avanza a la siguiente etapa, sin embargo, el problema es cuando no se añade ningún archivo y no deja avanzar a la siguiente tarea.

Handle Multiple Documents

Hi, I'm designing a form that will enter information through a user, will have other fields to upload multiple documents at once, you can add one or more, but these documents are optional, the form must move forward even if the user does not upload files . While load the file advances to the next stage, however, the problem is when any file is not added and not let me move to the next task.

Bonita 7.2.4 migration file doesn't work

If you download 7.2.4 migration file (bonita-migration-distrib-2.13.0), it only upgrades your system to 7.2.3.
And the 7.2.4 war doesn't work with the 7.2.3 bonita folder:

SEVERE: Error while initializing the Engine
org.bonitasoft.engine.platform.StartNodeException: The version of the bonita home is not the same as expected: bonita-server version is <7.2.4> and bonita home version is <7.2.3>

While building custom connector I am trying to create access to the File directory in the connector definition. Is this possible?

Hey, thank you for your time and help. I am using Bonitasoft 7.2.4 Subscription.

I have created a custom connector to save files or documents created in the BPM process locally to the computer.

It would be hugely helpful to enable those using the connector to simply open the file directory from the connector "set up" page, and choose where they want their file saved. This "set up" page is determined by the connector definition, and from what I can see there are only a limited number of input types accepted, "Text, Textarea, Group, Select, etc."