UserCriterion Error When I try to fetch/return list of users

in Select field , i write one groovy script to fetch initial value : list of available users

How to Create Document in PDF with forms All content

I create one from with all employee detail now i want to add action on submit button .

when it clicked : document is generated of all detail and email to the employee email id

Pl can i know how to achieve it . how to generate document .

Thanks kandarp

Javadoc for ActorMember

Hi guys,

Where can I find detailed information about ActoMember Interface?

on the site there is no such information.

Common Javadoc for ActorMember

Hi, guys.

Where can I find the documentation for interface ActorMember.

On Javadoc, at Bonita documentation portal there is no information about their methods, as you can see there

Where is the Javadocs ?

I am developping my application, connectors, and more with Bonita BPM and I really need some information.

Where can I find the Javadocs?