External app via Bonita REST API?

Is it possible to access Bonita REST API through an external application? (On a different Server and Port ej. Ruby on Rails or Django app)

I've already tried to to this with ngBonita however there is a problem when trying to consume the cookie in "Set-cookie" header from a different domain.

Has anyone tried something similar?

Group that can be duplicated, dynamically

My client requirement is that, after selecting an item on a Select list, he can upload files and descriptions according to that selected item. The idea is to dynamically populate a group that can be duplicated, with the requested data. But as I've seen on Bonita, it doesn't seem possible to dynamically change the amount of group items. How can I achieve this? And, is there any way to consume a REST service from Bonita? Thanks.

Also, I can't find anything useful about Iterate (a practical example) on the documentation, is there any example of this?

Bonita bundle 5.10 REST


I am using bonita 5.10.2, i did this configuration in jaas-stantard.cfg :

/** configuration **/ BonitaStore { org.ow2.bonita.identity.auth.LocalStorageLoginModule required restUser="admin" restPassword="bpm"; };

BonitaRESTServer { org.ow2.bonita.identity.auth.BonitaRESTServerLoginModule required logins="admin" passwords="bpm" roles="admin"; }; /** **/

when i try to get informations by this url :

Get form with REST API


Is it possible to retrieve form (created with the studio) with REST API in order to show them into an other page.

In the documentation, I saw that we can show a page we previously add to the portal but nothing about forms.

Did you implement anything about this since 6.x ?

Cause it seems like it was impossible to do this with 5.9 :


standalone Java client with bonita-client-5.9.jar works but the same Java client in JBoss 7.1 does not work

A standalone Java client built in with bonita-client-5.9.jar library works fine but when the same Java client is moved to the JEE architecture running on JBoss 7.1 environment does not work. Show log message: Password Incorrect/Password Required

Java code:

Retrieving finished, done, completed (or whatever) tasks

Hello there...

As far as i know and read and "Googled", this question isn't resolved yet (in fact, im sorry for resurrect this)... Im looking for all the tasks that i marked as FINISHED on my process

Here's a little briefing

I'm trying to control a whole process using BOS6.3 REST API using a RESTful architecture I send a PUT request on the method API/bpm/case to set the task as FINISHED (this works awesome btw) I can actually run the workflow using the API REST really nicely... in fact, i can finish the whole process smoothly

How to insert a variable value creating a case using REST

Hi. I'm using Bonita 6.2.

I need to create a case and pass a value to a global variable using REST. Reading the REST api, i found the caseVariable to do operations with them. But to do this i need:

REST API Bonita 6.x - Auth - Error while logging in on the engine API

Server Enviroment

- CentOS 6.4 (Final);

- Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.7.0_45-b18);

- BonitaBPMCommunity-6.2.0-Tomcat-6.0.37 (bundle);

- Postgresql 9.2.6;

REST client






import org.apache.http.HttpResponse;

How to delete a user with Bonita 6.1+ Rest API ?

Hello bonita community,

I am writing a java client for bonita 6.1 rest API using Apache HttpClient 4.3.1

Currently i'm facing a problem with the HTTP DELETE method.

When i want to delete a single entry I execute a httpDelete on

Bonita and Bonita Rest in the same server


I want to deploy bonita.war and bonita-server-rest.war in the same server, and that they both share the same engine or / and API

I mean that all the operations done in the bonita-server-rest.war be able in the bonita.war engine

What do i need to do this ?

Thank you and regards