How to find out if a service task has been terminated?

How do I find out if a service task has been terminated? Is it possible to figure this out through groovy script?

Check the oldest task time on the portal?

Can I get via API the time that the oldest task is waiting to be performed?

Error setting Business Object property

Hello All,

We have a business object loaded into a business variable from the database at the start of the process.

At some point, we have a simple service task that has a single operation which sets an object property to the Integer 1:

newIssue - setStatus - Constant java.lang.Integer:1

However, this task fails with the following stack trace:

How to know the id of the user who picked up the task and to know the id of your organization?

I'm having a hard time running a certain task in my process, my need is the following, I need the user to start certain process in the portal, this task will be automatically assigned to it, so do not need to get the terefa again when it opens in Your task list, however, what I am having difficulty is that if the user resolves to release this task, it may appear again to all users enabled to perform this task, however, as I am choosing the user ID that Is in Session at the time the process starts and I'm applying an actor filter with this id, this task always appears only to the user who st

How to verify that the task is released for everyone or if it is assigned to a user only

What happens when the user clicks on releasing the task? I know that by doing this it frees the task so that anyone who is freed to do the same task can view it, but what is the name of the variable that I have access to, ie check if the task is released for all Or to a specific user

Release Task for Everyone in the Organization

I was able to get the user ID of the session that started the process, assign it to a process variable so that the user does not need to pick up the task again, however how can I do it so that if the user releases the task it becomes available again for everyone Organization again

Access a task, but don't click on take

I wonder if it is possible to perform a task when it becomes available to a user without the user having to click the "take" button. Because I have a process with many tasks and ends up being annoying to have to every time have to click on "take". If it can be done, it would be great if you could give me an example.

Thanks for all the help.

On Form Submit redirection to a task or another page based on a user's role

I was trying to implement a simple scenario wherein a user would be redirected to either of the two tasks or forms based on his role, but was unable to do so, due to lack of specific documentation. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Expiration date set

Excuse me, I need a human task to no longer be available when a boundary timer event triggers.
I have set the execution time to a time limit, at the same time the boundary triggers(2 minutes).
But even when the boundary time triggers, there's still avalible the task, so there can be 2 sequence flows; that's bad.

What I want:
the human task is available.
if the task is not done in 2 minutes the boundary time will trigger advancing to the next task
if the boundary time triggers, the task should no longer be available.
Bonita Comunity 7.3.3

Script task


I'm building a process in BPM and I've sucessfully done it without script (automatic) tasks. Now, I added a script task that should run the script automatically but is not doing it. The script works, because I tested it on "evaluate" option in the script. I added the script on the "Operations" tab under "Execution" option of the Task.