Business Data Model - Text type - @Lob annotation

I have a BDM "Event" with a field "Note" type 'text'.
My db is PostgreSQL.
Bonita saves and reads correctly the data.

I have another web application with Hibernate.
I mapped the Event object with the same Bonita mapping.
Bonita mapping note with this annotation:

String note;

When I executed a HQL query
"select Note from Event"
in my application it returns a long value...I aspecting a String value!

My bonita directory keeps growing and is now 6GB. It seems to be filled with temp files, can I safely delete them ?


I'm using Bonita Studio 7.0.1 since its release and I noticed the installation folder keeps getting bigger day after day. It is now 6GB and I'm running out of disk space (I work on a virtual machine with only 20GB).

The workspace/tomcat/bonita/engine-server/work/platform directory is the biggest one and is filled with what seems to be old instances of bonita engine : bonita_engine_@.

These folders only contains some *.jar.jar.tmp files. I assume these are some kind of temporary files left behind by the engine after it has been stopped.

How to check an user input against a process variable in Bonita 7 ?


I can't access any process variables from a constraint script. According to the documentation, it's normal because constraints has been designed this way.

So, how can I perform advanced checks on user input ? If I do it with a script after the task has been submited, I have no way to inform the user something was wrong with his input. If I check the user input on the client side, anyone can easily bypass it.

I could make my own API to execute tasks and define my own constraints without limitations but it seems a bit overkill.

How to call process variable into user interface in bonita 7 [ need tutorial ]

Hello guys,

I'm interested about BPM and I've installed bonita 5 and 7 in my computer.
I've created my process business into bpm modeling, and now i'm in phase of developing my business process into application ( UI Designer ).
In my modeling process, i've created a process variable ( Java Object - java.util.List [No Coding, Just Created] ) to stored my MySQL - query ( Created using Graphical Connector In ).

submit button and access to the next form

I have two human tasks: Step1 and Step2. I want that when I finished the first redirected to the form of the second. In the form of the first task I have defined the following variables:

myTask (externalAPI): ../API/bpm/task/{{taskId}}
myCase (javaScript): return $data.myTask.caseId
urlNextTask (javaScript): return '/form/processInstance/' + $data.myCase +'/task/Step2'

In the "Target URL on success" of de button submit write: /bonita/portal/{{urlNextTask}}

how to populate select in form builder with data from process variable


i'm facing a problem and i hope to find help here.
i'm trying to populate select in form builder with data from process variable of type
list of options.
i'm able to get the first value via ../API/bpm/activityVariable/{{activityId}}/[variable_name]
but nothing more. besides that, how do i return this variable value via formOutput ?

thanks in advance


Campo requerido Bonita 7.0.2

Hola a todos,

espero alguien me pueda ayudar con la siguiente duda que tengo.
tengo un campo en mi formulario el cual le coloco que es un campo requerido este se marca con el asterisco indicado que es requerido.


1.como puedo hacer para validar que el tipo de dato sea el del tipo por ejemplo que solo puedan digitar números.
2. que el maxlength no sea mayor a 5 números
3. minlength sea mayo de 2
4. en caso de que no digiten nada que muestre en validador asi como se mostraba en bonita 6.5 que salían en la parte de abajo de cada campo.

[Bonita 7] REST API Extensions always responds with HTTP 403


I'm currently experimenting with the extensions examples provided with Bonita 7.0.0. When I send a GET request on ../API/extension/demo/getExample I always get a HTTP 403 response. Of course, I've logged in before performing the request (I got HTTP 401 when I'm not logged). I'm testing it using Postman, a Chrome extension for testing REST API. I'm pretty sure it's a problem with the REST API authorization settings in Bonita, but I don't understand how it works.