Getting Existing Data for Sub Process

Hello Team,

I have a New Account Process that has a total of three sub process. The first pool is the new request process, which sends task to the second level of approval process and then to the final approval process that create the user to role access.

I'm newer to the BDM so I'm having some issues accessing the existing records. I'm able to pass initialize the BDM (see below code) and pass the data from step to step within the same pool and thru the contract. However, I'm seeing two things.

How to access to a Business Object?


I'm trying to get access to a row in a Businnes Object from an external process (I cannot access from context) but I cannot do this, I get the following exception:

Bonita 7 / Are business objects (BDM) accessible in the process overview page


My first test process with Bonita 7 uses a business object to model its main data elements, and uses contracts for tasks pages. In all the tasks pages, the business object is available, using a variable of type "external API" like "../{{}}" where "request" is my process object, and forms fields can refer to the needed elements through the variable.