How can i access the BDM in my Actor Filter Impl


I need to restrict the access of Task generated according to a few parameters like geo location.
I am storing that in my BDM but i am unable to access it in the actor filter.

POST, PUT methods dbm


Can make put, post, ..., calls to bonita api about businessData

ths in advance

Importing a new process

Hi everybody, my question is: when I import a new process (.boss) it replace all my other business models that I created before, is there a way to do a merge or something so I don´t lose my other models?
Thnx in advance!

How to secure BDM REST APIs?

Is there a good place we can add code to prevent all users from having access to BDM data through the REST API? It'd be nice to both be able to only display search results/objects for users who should have access to them (using custom code to filter them out) as well as only display fields that they should be able to see (in case we have internal fields that shouldn't be exposed.)

Thank you!

Error trying to access the BDM

I'm trying to access the BDM from a script in Groovy. After several attempts and tests can not I find what is wrong. Attached diagram and log.


Bug with recursive BDM ?

I have a java.lang.StackOverflowError error when working with DBO containing reference to the same type of BDM.

Is this a bug ?

BDM and Groovy script

I use the following Groovy script to retrieve data stored in the BDM. In the BDM I defined a "business Object" called "Rutas" that has two "attributes", "nombreRuta" and "valor".
The script I use is:

List rtSubir = rutasDAO.findByNombreRuta("rutaSubir",0,100)

return rtSubir

But I fails. I think that left me something, but I can not to find out what it is.
Any suggestions?. Thank you.

Failed to use a business model data in a throw/catch event

I fail to add a Business data variable as an item of a thrown message event.
If I use only String values, it's OK but the process fails when the content item is a business variable or a list.
I created 2 entities (BDM) :
- Entity property with 2 String properties (label and value) : Hashmap <String, String>
- Entity with some String properties and a multiple (List) of Entity properties
I did it the same way as shown in the "Expense report" tutorial (expense report and report lines)

How to update business data model with RestAPI

how to update business data model with RestAPI?

I tried:
Request url: http://../API/bdm/businessData/{businessDataType}
Request method: PUT
Request payload: A business data (in JSON format)

But It does not work!