Full External page visualization.

when I use the External url option for a task form, Bonita display it inside it´s portal view through an iframe I guess, is there a way to avoid using that iframe and display the full form in browser?

Submit button just doesn't work anywhere (not in Portal, Run or just the Ui designer)

I am able to input values, managed to define profiles for users with associated roles in the portal, however, when the initiator (logged into the portal) of the first task in chooses to start the process, the form opens and, when all the values are input, clicking on the Submit button does nothing. The Submit button does nothing in the UI Designer preview as well.

Refresh issue in apps (Procurement request) - Prod env (Tomcat+MySql)


I installed the Procurement requests example on a production platform (Bonita 7.1.2, Tomcat, MySql).

When create a new request, the page returns to the listing, but the new request doesn't appear until I actualize the browser's page.

This issue also appear when I complete quotation, and when I select the supplier : the "status" of the request is not update...

This issue doesn't appear in developpement environment.

What can cause this issue ?

[resolved] Bonita platform 7.1 - bundle Tomcat - No technical user afer switching to MySql database

Hello everybody.

I've installed Bonita platform, and followed the doc about the database configuration to switch to mysql.
I think it works, because my "bonita" table fills when I start tomcat.

But on the logon webpage, I can't log with the install/install user, neither the platformAdmin/platform user...

I tried to modify the bonita-platform-community-custom.properties file, without success...

Is anybody can help me ?

portal bug ?

I previously create a application using a resource imported from a page designed and exported in the ui designer.

To clean my project I have removed some pages including that page.

Now it say that I have no item and no application appear in Apps tab, but I can't remove that that ressource.

How to reset portal to be able to reload pages and build an application ?

Bonita 7 Portal theme issue


Today I was testing the new Bonita BPM 7 and when I tried to open the Bonita Portal (embedded on the studio) the page did not display correctly, I got a blank page only.

The log:

Embedded portal suddenly stopped opening

I use Bonita BPM 6.5.1. Community Edition. Embedded portal that is launched from Studio for testing purposes suddenly stopped opening. Web-browser shows "ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED". I have reinstalled Bonita BPM Studio but it did not help.

What could be the reason? What shall I check?

Thank you in advance!

Header Bar - how to use the Title Area

Hi there,

I would like to make use of the centre of the Header Bar where the Logo and Sign information sits. When in Studio Mode this is the name of the process but in Portal Mode it is Blank.

Is there a way I can use a variable in this field?

Many thanks and best regards Seán

Difference in screens, Studio Run vs Portal Apps->Do it

Hi there,

Bonita Studio 6.3.7, Java, Windows 8.1

I notice when running a process from Studio I get the Pool Title in the Middle Top of the page, but when I run the application from the Portal (Apps->select->Do It) I do not see the Pool Title in the Middle Top of the page.

Which is correct? Should the Pool Title be displayed in the top of the page or not? I don't think there is any option to decide if it is or not, is this a bug?

Thanks and regards Seán

Too many archived cases cause delay in Portal


When a user tries to see the tasks 'Done' from bonita portal the response takes too long to arrive. About 2-3 minutes. At first i thought there were no 'Done' tasks but when i waited for some more they finally appeared. The point is that these 'Done' tasks belong to cases that have been archived and some of them are already 4-5 months old so they are of not of much interest.

I thought of removing these cases but i found no way to do this from the portal UI, even as an admin.

Any ideas how i could solve this problem?