get mandatory fields in form (REST API)

Hi all,
How can I know if an input in a form is mandatory or not through the REST API?
Also I'm trying to update a process variable's value by giving it a value in an instantiation form..but the variable is not updating, any help?

this is my formInput (JSON):

"requestInput" : {
"leaveStart" : null,
"dayCount" : null
"mycenas" : null

this is my formOutput:

return {
'requestInput': $data.formInput.requestInput,
'mycenas': $data.cenasValue.value

Unable to get button on app page to start process or open Instantiation Form

On my app page, I've created a button to start a new order, which should initiate the process by opening the Instantiation form. My page is based off the travel request tutorial. I found some other threads regarding similar issues.

¿How could I copy an entire Bonita Form, or re-use?

Hi all

I am a newbie at Bonita 7.2.0, and have some questions.

I have many forms that are very similar, and I would like to copy a rename a form to use the same base.
I have investigated and it can't be done, I have seen the fragment in the subscription version, and they can be re-used in different form.
But can I copy a form, and rename it and use it in different task, or this isn't possible, the unique option are the fragments, and only if you have the subscription version. Am I wrong?

Thank you very much.

Get ProcessVariable value to an external form and then bring form input back to a HumanTask.

I want to link my HumanTask1 to an external form and then upon form submission want to bring form values back to HumanTask2. How can I do that in version7.x?? I have found some doumentation in the previous versions, but that isnt helping much.

Can anybody plz help me with a small working example?

¿Como introducir un check-box o radio buton en las filas de una tabla para elegir un elemento de la tabla?

Hola a toda la comunidad de Bonita, cualquier ayuda será agradecida, soy novato en bonita 7.2.
El problema es que voy a mostrar una tabla de Items (Widget de bonita) , y quiere poner un radio button en todas las filas y si selecciono una de las filas que se muestre deba jo de la tabla en un paner otros campos con más detalles sobre la fila seleccionada, pero sin ocultar la tabla original.

Por lo que he podido ver no lo permite el UIDesigner, y no se me ocurre como hacerlo.
Supongo que para hacerlo tendré que hacerme un Widget personalizado hecho por mi que haga esto.

¿How to put a check-box or radio button into the rows of a Table to select one row?

Hello to the hole Bonita community, I’m new in Bonita 7.2, any help will be appreciated.
This is the problem:
I have a table in the form with different rows and I need to select one of the rows and show the details of the selected row in a panel below the table.
I can't see the way of adding a check-box or radio-button into a table.
I think this isn't possible, and I will need to create a personalized widget or table to do this. Isn’t it?

If some know how to do it, I would appreciate.


[Bonita 7.1.4] Process only can run once

I started a simple diagram to learn to register users.

I added an anonymous user to ACME (unregistered.user), published ACME with unregistered.user as default user and configure him as anonymous user on Configure>Authentication.
In the pool, i put "unregistered" as initiator actor, and maped him as "unregistered.user".
The lane only has the start event, a service task to send mail (connector doesn't use variables at the moment, just send mail from A to B. Test works) and the end event.
I created BDM, contracts and form for pool too.

How to access the Bonita Form from external URL?


I am trying to set the pool level auto-login feature for a bonita form . I have created the username and password for the anonymous user(at pool level) and created a URL in the format of : (Note:Project Initiation is the pool name and 1.4.0 is the bos version and process = process Id ).

http://localhost:8080/bonita/?ui=form&autologin=Project%20Initiation--1....$entry&process=8068068927823037965&mode=form&locale=en .

How to map ID of CaseID from a sucessfull form submit?

Hi, i'm using bonitasoft 7.1.5 and i'm trying to map the Caseid from a successful form Submit to get the id of the next task in the list. In theory it works, when i press submit in the form i can see the caseID that i get from the request, but the variables from wich i get the id remain empty, any idea why?
* got 2 variables.
- Caseid = null
- InfoCaseID = http://localhost:8080/bonita/API/bpm/humanTask?c=1&p=0&f=caseId={{Caseid.caseId}} (empty)

[RESOLVED] How to set up a print form button in UI designer

I am working with Bonitasoft 7.1.3. Any ideas on how to set up a simple print button in a UI designer form (opens the ctrl+p print window in browser)? I tried to do it with a Javascript expression (put "window.print()" in a Javascript expression variable print and invoked the print Variable in a submit button's Data sent on click parameter). It didn't work. Any other ideas?