How to get the process form URL by Engine API

Hi everyone

I have a sample process which has a instantiation form with an external URL, so I want to retrieve this URL from Engine API but I couldn't find any solution to retrieve the URL, but I have know that in Rest API with can gain the URL by "/bonita/API/form/mapping" and passing the processDefinitionId and type but I need a way for Engine API.

Thanks for your replies.

How can I call an API from the UI Designer?

Hi everyone,
I want to call an API (not Bonita API) from a JavaScript variable from the UI Designer. I have the following code:

Update parameters of a Bonita task

We are trying to change the parameters of a Bonita task using Put method in a REST API. We are using url API/bpm/task/ + taskID
For example, for state, we passed the json: "{"state":"completed"}" and we got the following error: StatusCode: 500, ReasonPhrase: 'Internal Server Error'
Can you help, please?

Error while validating expected inputs: [Expected input [travelRequestInput] is missing] creating a case in REST API

I've followed the getting started tutorial at https://documentation.bonitasoft.com/?page=getting-started-tutorial and now I'm trying to start a case using the REST API.

After calling loginservice, I'm sending a POST and getting and error 500, with the following message:

{"exception":"class org.bonitasoft.web.toolkit.client.common.exception.api.APIException","message":"Data definition travelRequest doesn\u0027t exists for process 7525863855240002967","api":"bpm","resource":"case"}

Check the oldest task time on the portal?

Can I get via API the time that the oldest task is waiting to be performed?

Get process information using the REST API


I want to get the possible paths that process can go from the actual state, per example, my process is in the to approve document step, after this step I have a gateway that goes to two possible steps depending from the user answer in the previous step. Then I need I REST service that give me possible ways of the next step, approve or reprove, I need this because I want to show the buttons dynamically, depending of possible actions that user can do.

Is possible to get this via REST API?

Murilo Faria

Getting the X-Bonita-API-Token

To Whom it may concern,

I am using Bonitasoft Subscription Version 7.3+.

I am trying to access Bonitasoft information from another application, on a different domain.

I am successfully using the 'loginservice' API. I am getting a status of 200. However I cannot get the X-Bonita-API-Token directly from that response.

I can see that the token is being set correctly in my browser as a cookie under the Bonitasoft server domain. However I am unable to access the cookies on that domain for the obvious reasons.

How can i use PATCH Method in Bonita?

I'm trying to call PATCH service from bonita.
I see bonita only supporting GET,POST,DELETE,PUT methods. Is there any way i can call PATCH method.

Could not resolve artifact org.bonitasoft.web

Get this error if try create Api rest extension:

Apply filter on a variable External API

I would like to know if it is possible to apply a filter to an external API variable of the UI Designer in the field "Avalaible value" so that only data that matches the one selected previously is displayed.

I need this because I am developing a screen where there will be several lines, as if they were items of an order, and for this I need the filter to be made according to what was being selected previously but in that line. I have an example that works exactly as I need it however the content is brought from a JSON variable and not a REST API.