Problem connecting to external PostgreSQL DB using connector

Bonita BPM 6.5.2. Community PostgreSQL 9.4

I am very new in using Bonita. I am studying it to use in production. I stuck in pretty simply task. I need to create connectors in order to get and update data from/in external client base (PostgreSQL). I created connector in lane, entered correct info for connecting to the database but can't event test connection with simple queries.

Here are my steps:

  1. Choose connector - PostgreSQL 9.2.
  2. Choose driver - PostgreSQL.

  3. Enter DB access information. DB is hosted locally.

How to make cascading dropdowns with database values?

Hi all!

I want to add three cascading dropdowns in one of my forms. Each dropdown values are dependent to the one above it. The values are mapped in a mysql database.

Based on what I read, one possible approach is to use the HTML widget, manually code the dropdowns, and use jquery and ajax to handle the events/queries on each dropdown. I can then use bonita's rest API to pass the values from each dropdowns into predefined bonita variables which can be used in succeeding tasks/forms.

where the instances are stored?

Hello people, I'm using the tool recently, use the open source version, and I'm finding diciculdades because whenever I run my process again, I lose the previous instances. Anyone know where this is stored? it is stored in memory or it is? or is this a limitation of the version I'm using?

When try to pass variable into query of database connector it gives error

hello ,

i m using on service task which give ti list of pant based on parameter of user's city i m using oracle 10 database connector .

Detail description ,

  1. perameter : NDS
  2. query : "Select title from plant_mst where unit_id=NDS"

this is perfactly run . but when i try dynamic query .

Select title from plant_mst where unit_id = " + city(variable- which store users city =NDS)

it gives error : Invelid Identifier . what i m doing wrong .

Here is server log :

How to Display table data as form

I m using following code for retrive record from table .

Update a row in a business object


I would like to update a row in my business object. How can I do that ? If i use transient data I modify the list but not the actual object.

I'm using the default h2 database.

Thanks for your answers,


Possible to save a file/picture in the database ?


I need to know if it's possible to save a picture or a file in a business object? Thanks for your answers,


DataBase connector error

hello , i m using bonitasoft 6.3 community .

and Two oracle database server . one is production and one is test .

on my test server i m tried to connect it is successfully run , but when i tried to connect to different server (prod) it gives error .

as database side there are all GRANT same for both database . so how can i resolve this problem .

error is as follow : error

Niveau d'isolation avec la base de données de Bonita


J'ai une question au sujet de la concurrence sous Bonita. Quels niveaux d'isolations sont mis avec la base de données ?

Merci d'avance,


Is there any way to initiate multiple cases from a Single Uploaded Excel file?

I want to initiate multiple cases from the document which is being uploaded in database.

i am using Bonita 6.3.

  1. Please tell me How can I upload document without Converting it to Byte(). 2.And How to initiate case from database?

Note: i am just beginner in Bonita.

Please Reply Fast.